Welding Tests

Checking potential in practice

In order to fully present the potential of modern technologies, we enable welding or hard facing tests at automated stations.

The tests are conducted by an experienced welding technology engineer – a welding automation expert. They may both relate to selection of appropriate welding technology and executability of an element by a robot, as well as improvement of quality and efficiency of welding with application of advanced, modified MIG/MAG or TIG processes.

We conduct tests on details delivered by a Customer. As a result, they receive reliable and clear information on:

  • reasonableness of stations automation,
  • potential technological difficulties,
  • type of required equipment,
  • initial duration of a cycle,
  • quality and efficiency of welding.

It is a valuable initial material for creation of substantive offer – precisely adjusted to the Investor’s requirements.

For the needs of planned tests, we can prepare a simple mounting equipment which will provide for appropriate course of the process or implement production equipment, delivered with a detail.

Why is it worth it?

  • Testing on a “living body”
  • Precise image of planned investment
  • Perfect base for drawing up an offer
  • Different testing areas to choose from
  • Care of appropriate course of the process
  • Experience in conducting tests