RoboArc Welding Cells

Our welding cells are complete ready-made solutions with fast delivery and installation times

Designed for welding various products, RoboArc cells offer unparalleled performance and high versatility. The orderly hierarchy ranging from RoboArc_A to RoboArc_E facilitates the selection of a machine that will suit your current production needs. The machines can be used for welding small and lightweight parts as well as elements weighing up to 2 tonnes and up to 6 metres long. Owing to their modular design and flexibility, RoboArc cells can be equipped with many additional options. Owing to integrated air filtration, adjustments for Industry 4.0 and extensive customisation options, choosing the right equipment is incredibly simple, while our comprehensive onboarding and operation and programming training will help you start your robotic production immediately

Available RoboArc Welding Cell Robots:  

Kuka.pngABB.pngFanuc_logo.pngKawasaki Robotics

Contact us and choose a RoboArc configuration that suits your production needs!

Why purchase?

  • Shorter project implementation time
  • Modular design for easier upgrades
  • Shared floor platform
  • Central energy distribution system
  • Common spare parts database
  • Highest productivity with 2 work zones
  • Significantly improved work ergonomics
  • Improved welding quality management
  • Optimised use of welding consumables
  • Reduced safety costs
  • Effortless welder recruitment process
  • Continuous technical support and professional service