Programming and optimisation

Optimization of the welding processes


Combination of knowledge of a welding technology engineer with many years’ experience in programming robot welding stations allows us to effectively optimize welding processes at our Customers’ plants.

We offer a wide range of services for companies, which have robot welding stations, including:

  • programming robots,
  • parametrization of welding processes,
  • reducing duration of cycles,
  • implementing new details to welding,
  • designing welding fixtures,
  • extension/modifications of stations,
  • trainings.

What is more, we support our Customers in appropriate adjusting of existing solution to new requirements, by analysis of outcome of conducted technological audit.

Why is it worth it?

  • Improvement of financial results of a department
  • Increasing manufacturing capacities
  • Limiting downtimes
  • Increasing work quality and efficiency
  • Adjusting process to new requirements
  • Support by a welding technology engineer