For those who are planning an investment

Real assistance at the stage
of recognition of needs

For those who are planning an investment

We support companies which consider development in automation, selection of optimal solutions for improvement of safety of the future investment.

We assist companies in preparation for investment from the technical side. We listen to the needs and expectations of our Customers so as to precisely show an appropriate direction. As a result, the investments quickly starts yielding profits. We select verified and cost-effective solutions, analyzing possibilities of modern technologies. We draw up a cooperation plan between persons who are responsible for robotics aspects and welding experts so as to optimize the pace, quality and costs of  implementation.

When creating a design, we always take into consideration tasks which the robots are to perform – so as the automation brought your company measurable benefits.

Why is it worth?

  • ROI assessment
  • Elimination of potential errors
  • Comprehensive, reliable support
  • Investment safety
  • Profound analysis of needs
  • Selection of optimal equipment